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    Nobunosuke Murakami replied: "I heard Yin Sang say that he and his subordinates only suspected that the military command agent had found someone following him, but they were not completely sure. So Yin Sang was asked a Chinese police officer in charge of that street to check his household registration. Knocking on the door, he rushed in and saw that the military command agent had entered the room and had not yet opened the door to answer. After discovering realizing that the military command agent had escaped, Yin Sang immediately ordered his subordinates not to touch anything in the house, and he himself asked the Patrolman to lead the way and find the power. last phone call to report to the subordinates. After the subordinates arrived in the room, they discovered that the furniture in the room was in disarray, as if the Special Forces army had taken some things in a panic and left in a hurry."

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